1 day class refund policy

It is the participants responsibility to assure they have an open schedule when registering for a class.

Class Pricing is kept at cost, this includes: Food, Beverages, Snacks, and Classroom Materials . These items are purchased at the close of registration and NACG has no way to recoup these costs.

In the event a student does not attend a preregistered and scheduled class, the only funds that will be returned are the volunteer examiner fee. (normally $15)

The volunteer examiner fee must be picked up withing two (2) weeks of the date of the class at a NACG Function (IE: Breakfast or club meeting)
(OR make other arrangements to do so. other arrangements may include an additional fee (IE postage, money order or similar)

If a participant has purchased a radio from NACG, the participant has Two (2) weeks time from the date of the class to attend a NACG function (IE: Breakfast or Club Meeting) to pick up that radio.

This radio will be programmed, but will be set to receive only and not be able to transmit.
If the participant does not pick up the radio in the two (2) weeks time period, the radio will be considered a donation and become property of NACG and there will be no refund issued for the equipment.
Any donated Radios areused as Spare radios during ARES* of North Iowa call-outs/events.
*Amateur Radio Emergency Service of North Iowa

Northland Amateur Communications Group members volunteer there time to put on this study class and do not get anything back other than the pride of helping others become amateur radio operators.
It is the participants responsibility to assure they have an open schedule when registering for a class!
NACG does this class AT COST and would not be able to continue to offer these study classes every year if Club Funding was lost do to participants signing up and not attending, but expecting full refunds.
If you have questions or comments on this policy, you can contact the NACG public information officer and he will do his best to help you.

There will be no refunds of other payments unless there is a Medical or Family Emergency (which must be documented).
In these special cases, arrangements / refunds can be discussed privately.
Contact NACG Leadership As Soon As Possible.

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