Northland Radio Rendezvous SPONSOR!?

We would like to ask you to be a Sponsor
of Northland Radio Rendezvous (NRR).

As a sponsor, we ask for a donation to help cover costs of this “electronics fair” style event. Costs include rental fees of the venue, printing of flyers, promotion of the event, and ticket sales.  In response to your donation, we plan to promote your name and/or logo (listed as an event sponsor) on our Website, Facebook Pages, Twitter, on event flyers, and on a large screen during the event. The primary purpose of this event is to raise money for our Local Radio Club, and our local Amateur Radio Emergency Service Team. But this event is only possible with the help of sponsors like you. 

The North Iowa Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Group consists of licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty for public service.  All ARES members are volunteers.  ARES of North Iowa operates in a nine-county area. Cerro Gordo County, and all 8 of its bordering counties.  Butler, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth, And Wright.

This Team’s response area covers many square miles.  Communication towers with a piece of radio equipment called a repeater, allows us to have a strong, consistent signal, which is vital in emergency situations.  We are currently looking to add several more repeaters in the area to help further accomplish this goal. Upkeep of this equipment comes from club members personal money, or from vital funds raised at events like NRR.

We give back to the North Iowa area in many ways such as providing communications at public events, including various walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, parades, and other festivals. 

Many North Iowa ARES members are also North Iowa CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members.  Our local CERT Team relies on our ARES Team, and our radio communications in a variety of ways, ranging from search and rescues, flooding events, and severe weather outbreaks.  We also provide traffic control during police and fire emergencies. 

Skywarn is another service that the North Iowa ARES Group provides.  Many of our members work together with the National Weather Service when storm spotting is needed in the North Iowa area.   Amateur radio operators provide invaluable service by using our unique communications capabilities to share critical information between the National Weather Service, local emergency management officials, and storm spotter networks.

Fundraising events like Northland Radio Rendezvous will also help us work towards future projects. One example of a future project would be purchasing a telescoping tower, which is essentially a portable communication tower on a trailer that can be transported to emergencies or highly populated events or festivals. 
The ARES Team sometimes goes into very rural, off the main road locations when we are called out on an emergency.  The telescoping tower would give us the needed signal strength required when we are deployed, even on the outer limits of our radio coverage area.

We are also currently working on a new ARES of North Iowa communications trailer. This would be an enclosed trailer we would use as our “Command Center” at a public service event or on an emergency situation.  This enclosed trailer would give our coordinator and his assistants an organized, private space to complete their vital work. 

Northland Amateur Communications Group and ARES of North Iowa greatly appreciates your time and consideration on being a sponsor of NRR.  We look forward to visiting with you in the near future.

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