Location of Class

Due to Circumstances beyond our control regarding the availability of the venue on January 22nd, we have moved the Location of our 1-Day Amateur Radio Study Class and Test Session to our backup location.
It will not be held at Grace Church as some original flyers advertise.

Class will be held at
First Congregational Church
923 Buddy Holly Place
Clear Lake, IA 50428

The class will begin at 8am on January 22nd, please plan to arrive before this time, to get checked in and find your seat.
There will be a light breakfast of donuts coffee and drinks.  You are also welcome to bring your own “favorite donut” or breakfast sandwich to eat as we begin.
We will review the entire question pool with you throughout the day.
Eating lunch along the way.
Snacks and drinks will also be available all day long.
The VEs or Volunteer Examiners will arrive in the afternoon to join us. 
Any Last minute information we need for the test will be taken care of, then you will begin the testing portion of the class.
When you are finished testing, there will be a short break as everyone else also finishes testing.
You will learn how you did on the test and if you passed. (Our pass rate with these classes has remained at 99% or higher!)
We will then get you your handheld radio that is included in this class.
You will be free to leave at this point, but we will encourage you to stay for another 10 minutes as we present a short presentation that has more information.
The short “after test presentation” will give you more information about your handheld radio and how it works.
We will also cover some basic information about amateur radio in this area,  what to do, how the radio clubs work. What your next step might be.  We are here to help!



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