FRN Number

You will need an FRN number to put on the FCC paperwork in order to take your test.

Please go to , and click register, (OR Update / Search if you already had one)

If the link does not work copy and paste the address into a new tab.
Sometimes the FCC site gets overloaded, goes offline, or for various reasons may show an error message…
If this happens to you, give it a bit, then please keep trying!

You need this for your test, so please don’t wait.

If you have already interacted with the FCC and have an FRN number, you can also find that number by clicking search on that same website.
There is also an option to update your information if something changed.
You will input all of your information and be issued a 10 digit number, This unique FRN # is used to identify the registrant’s business dealings with the FCC. 

We encourage you to send us your FRN number early.   Email us, text us, call us or use the form below. 
We will copy down your FRN number to our class list and forward that information on to the Volunteer Examiners.  This allows us to be more efficient during the testing process, getting you through that process faster!

It is Strongly Recommended that you continue to review the question pool and study starting now, and then continue to study leading up to the class!
We will do everything we can to explain things that you did not understand, and provide memory tricks to help you… But we still can not take the Test for you!

Found a great study option that is not on our list?  Let us know,  we want to add it to our list!