What Is GMRS Radio?

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile UHF radio service in the United States available for short-distance two-way communications. This Service is available to an adult individual who possesses a valid GMRS license. This License Also Covers his or her immediate family members.
GMRS radios are typically handheld portable devices much like Family Radio Service (FRS) radios, and share most of the frequencies. Mobile and base station-style radios are available as well.

Note: Get the License, Then talk!
The FCC requires a GMRS license
as a way to regulate frequencies that are used by two-way radio devices. Before operating a GMRS radio, a consumer must have a valid license. Any radio using the shared FRS/GMRS frequencies that is able to transmit above 2 Watts of power was reclassified as GMRS only after the recent FCC Changes in September 2017.

With the May 18th 2017 change.

  1. GMRS licensing is now good for 10 years and cost about $70: This covers you and your immediate family and was previously only valid for 5 years, with a cost of about $90.
  2. Any radio above 2W of power is now classified as GMRS radio: and still requires a license from the FCC to operate
  3. Existing FRS/GMRS hybrid radios that use 2W or less, will now be retro-reclassified as FRS radios, using the new expanded FRS capabilities.
  4. Existing FRS/GMRS hybrid radios that put out MORE than 2W, will now be retro-reclassified as GMRS radios, will still require a GMRS license

“Coming Soon!”
We are putting up a GMRS Repeater!

Location to be determined… but in the Mason City / Clear Lake area.
The Repeater Pair we are thinking of using is listed on the chart below in Blue.

Club GMRS Repeaters are OPEN for all to use, But we Really Encourage you to become a Northland Amateur Communications Group Member!
This helps offset the Cost of Installing, and Maintaining GMRS Repeaters in the area.

Click here for Membership Rates, and Click here for ways to contact us.

Looking for people to chat with on GMRS?
NACG recommends you start on the

GMRS/FRS  Calling Frequency. 462.5625
(Listed in Green on the chart below)


Here is a handy Little Chart listing the Frequencies

Ch Old New Rx
01 CALL FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.5625 462.5625 NFM 2W, 5W
02 FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.5875 462.5875 NFM 2W, 5W
03 EM FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6125 462.6125 NFM 2W, 5W
04 FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6375 462.6375 NFM 2W, 5W
05 FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6625 462.6625 NFM 2W, 5W
06 FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6875 462.6875 NFM 2W, 5W
07 FRS/GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.7125 462.7125 NFM 2W, 5W
08 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.5625 467.5625 NFM .5W
09 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.5875 467.5875 NFM .5W
10 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.6125 467.6125 NFM .5W
11 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.6375 467.6375 NFM .5W
12 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.6625 467.6625 NFM .5W
13 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.6875 467.6875 NFM .5W
14 FRS FRS/GMRS 467.7125 467.7125 NFM .5W
15 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.5500 462.5500
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
16 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.5750 462.5750
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
17 EM GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6000 462.6000
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
18 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6250 462.6250
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
19 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6500 462.6500
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
20 EM/TR GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.6750 462.6750
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
21 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.7000 462.7000
NFM, FM 2W, 50W
22 GMRS FRS/GMRS 462.7250 462.7250
NFM, FM 2W, 50W

(FRS use is not allowed on the 467MHz GMRS Repeater inputs on chs. 15-22 – GMRS allows “wide” FM for simplex or repeater us on chs. 15-22 – NFM = 12.5kHz, FM = 25kHz –

CALL = Calling Channel – EM = Emergency/Prepper freq. – TR = Travel Safety & Assistance)