Northland Radio Rendezvous

North Iowa’s All New Electronics Expo & Hobbies Fair!

Amateur Radio,  GMRS Radio, CB Radio,  MURS Radio,
Model Railroad,  Model Airplane,  Model Rockets,
Science & Technology Kits, Computers,  Laptops,
Smart Phones, Tablets, Drones, Storm Spotting & Chasing Items,
Photography stuff, Outdoor Gear, Emergency Preparedness
& all the little odds and ends you need!

Planning was slowed down by Covid19…
But the date of the First Annual NRR is “coming soon”!

The Next Annual Northland Radio Rendezvous will be June 5th 2021

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Featured Seminars

We are working on this…
Updates coming soon.

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Amateur Radio
Test Session

We are planning on
having a test session…

Updates coming soon.

Northland Radio Rendezvous is Proud to be an Official ARRL Hamfest!

We are in discussions with potential Sponsors Now… Maybe YOU???
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The Music Man Square features an indoor 1912 streetscape with an ice cream parlor and gift shop, all in set designs recreated from the Warner Bros. motion picture The Music Man.

The Ice Cream Parlor And Gift shop WILL
during Northland Radio Rendezvous!

There’s also an interactive museum highlighting Meredith Willson memorabilia and music-related exhibits and exploratorium.

Plus, visit the restored 1895 modified Queen Anne house that was Meredith Willson’s birth place and boyhood home. 

We are still working on this… More Info Coming Soon.