What Will The Test Look like?

All of the questions come from the technician license question pool.
425 questions in total, But do not let this number scare you!
Your test will only have 35 questions on it. 
Out of those 35 you must get a minimum of 26 correct to pass.. 
EVERY question is multiple choice with 4 possible answers.
All of the test questions will have the EXACT same wording for both the questions AND the answers as you see while studying
Please note: The answers MAY be in a different order on the test.
( “A” may have been the correct choice while practicing but it may be in the “C” Space on the test)


If a Link is not working correctly, please let us know and we will try to fix it.

There are several study options to get started studying on your own right now!


On our NACG Facebook Page, we have put together a photo album with over 100 Photos that list ALL of the Questions in the question pool!
You can leave a comment on the photo with the question you are having trouble with and we will reply with everything we can to help you understand!
But don’t forget to check the comments first, Someone else may have already commented on the same question!

Smart Phones

My personal favorite is “HAM TEST PREP” but go to the app store and search something like “tech (or technician) class Ham radio” there are several options.
The smart phone apps are a great option to study with while filling those little gaps between daily activity’s!
Use it while waiting for your food or when your a few minutes early for work!

Online Study Websites

Ham Study  has flashcards, practice tests, and an option to read thought the questions.
QRZ  has practice tests and will  keep track of your individual progress!
Eham also has practice tests if you prefer a site you do not have to log into.


Here is the Audio to the Technician Class Book we like! Not much to look at. but a great listen!
Amateur Radio Operator KB9OKB put together this Introduction to Ham Radio and Technician Training Class” video that you may enjoy!
There is also the “Ham Whisperer” Video Serious you might like. (This is my personal favorite!)

Other Options

An Amateur Radio operator named Dan (KB6NU) puts together the NO NONSENCE STUDY GUIDE. there is a FREE PDF you can look at, or print.
you can order a book, kindle version, an audio book, or even flash cards from him too. (prices vary)  click here to see the full list of study materials he sells

If you are unhappy with the options listed above, well sorry to hear. Don’t give up!
you can check out a site like this, that lists several more options, OR simply use your favorite search engine to look for an option you do like!
Please let us know what site or video you found that you like that we do not already have. We will add it to our list so we can help the next person with even more options.

When Searching, Keep in mind the information at the Top portion of this page. What you need to gain knowledge in, is the QUESTION POOL and Answers, for Element 2 Technician Class FCC exam.


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