So… Are you a doomsday prepper?
These are the kinds of things we hear from people who see us preparing.
First let us understand that many people will say things like this to take the load off their back. It’s easier to ridicule others when you know you should be doing the same thing but it requires some time, work and some times money.

When somebody approaches me with this kind of remark I look them straight in the eye and say “if you would like to have an adult conversation about the subject I would be more than happy to explain why I prepare” usually they’ll say okay tell me.

  1. The world around us is not 100% safe. I prepare so that I do not have to worry about all the possibilities.
  2. City state and government officials all recommend that the citizens be prepared for disaster. It is a citizens responsibility to prepare both themselves and their family.
  3. Preparedness also includes very basic things like a car kit or getting home Pack. You don’t know where you’re going to breakdown or be stuck in traffic in the list goes on And on.
  4. Assuming nothing bad will ever happen to you is a fantasy. Involving yourself in basic preparations is the same thing as telling yourself I will try to handle a bad situation as best I can. It gives you confidence in a disaster or emergency which then equates to proper decisions in that situation.
  5. By preparing you are becoming part of the solution. Giving first responder’s a better opportunity to help others.
  6. I am not a doomsday proper. Or paranoid. My motto is, eyes open, be fair, be safe and enjoy every day we are given!

At this point I would tell my friend or the person I am talking to, I would be more than happy to assist you and taking some basic measures to protect you and yours in the event of a disaster big or small.

ARES of North Iowa promotes being prepared. We are here to Support you in time of need, but all of us need to be able take care of ourselves…



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