Meeting is Thursday, Nov 14

Our Next North-land Amateur Communications Group Meeting is Thursday, November 14th.

We meet at Hy-Vee WEST Deli, In Mason City Iowa.
(Click here for a Map or to get directions)

Informal Meal = 5:45pm
Meeting Begins = 6:45pm

As always, if you choose not to eat with us:

Please remember that we get the meeting space for free.
So, we “encourage” you to at least purchase a drink, (or other store item), or small snack from the Store, Starbucks (inside store) or Deli.

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Some Meeting items include:
Christmas / Holiday Party.
Repeater Council Update.
New Club T-Shirts
New Storm Spotter T-Shirts
Linked Repeater System Process.
Spring Club Campout
Field Day 2020
Winter Field Day?
Future HAMFEST in north IA (Northland Radio Rendezvous!)
501c3 process.
New Weekly Radio Net
     and more…
          BE THERE!
We want YOUR input!

If you have something you want to be doing in the club, with our ARES Team, or with our growing Skywarn Group, this is the place to share!

If you have not paid your 2019 NACG Membership Dues,
they are now down to $5 for the rest of the year.
Please bring this with you to the meeting.

NOTE: Recent One Day Class Students.
One of the things you get when you registered for this class is a year membership with Northland Amateur Communications Group.
January 19th 2019 Class Students  =  Free club membership until January 2020!
October 12th 2019 Class Students  =  Free club membership until January 2021!
We want your input, ideas, and comments too.

These dues help us pay for:
Club activities, Maintenance, Repair, and/or Purchase of new Equipment.

Examples include but are not limited to:
A Club Picnic Field day, Hamfest/Swap Meet, Repeaters, Repeater Site Maintenance / Fees, Linking Systems,
Digipeaters, I-gates, Amateur Radio Books for the “club library”, Club Radios/Stations, Website Fees & Maintenance,
and Support of NACG’s “sister organizations” = ARES of North Iowa, and North Iowa Skywarn.

 Other items may be added as needed, they will be discussed at monthly club meetings as they come up,
be sure to try and attend these meetings regularly.

As a Club Member, you have a vote in what we do. This Group operates with the interest of everyone in mind.  We look forward to hearing your next big idea!

Mason City Repeater – New Freq!

The Mason City Northland Amateur Communication’s Group Repeater has changed Frequencies!

We have heard back from the Repeater council and the frequency has been updated to comply with the repeater pair they have coordinated to Northland Amateur Communications Group.

Note: The change was made Monday & The old frequencies won’t work!

Please update your radios to 442.275+
With a tone of 100.00
(repeater output is 447.275)

Click Here to see a full list of NACG Repeaters & Links
(future sites coming soon!)


Amateur Radio is a…

…high-tech hobby that has something fun for everyone. Hams are people from all walks of life no matter what age, gender or physical ability. Anyone can hold an Amateur License – there’s no minimum age. Hams practice courtesy and respect for others.

Most of all, Amateur Radio is fun! As a ham, there are more ways to communicate. Using a small 2-meter hand-held radio you can stay in touch with other hams in your area and operate from almost any vehicle, boat or just about anywhere. Hams can send live TV in realtime or just still pictures over the air. Technician class Hams can operate FM voice, digital packet (computers), television and more. You can search for hidden transmitters in a foxhunt and take part in contests. You can even make international radio contacts via Ham Radio satellites and communicate directly to Hams aboard the International Space Station. Using a computer and Amateur Radio, you can talk or use your keyboard to communicate with other Hams locally or around the world. You can even bounce signals off the moon!

And that’s just the beginning. There are also nets and roundtables where you talk in groups. You can participate in emergency communications or weather spotting. You can build your own equipment and antennas. And there are shows called hamfests to meet other Hams, learn more about the hobby, buy and sell equipment and be with those who have the same enthusiasm about Ham Radio.

Amateur Radio is a service which promotes and encourages the honing of technical and operational radio skills in order to have qualified operators to depend on in an emergency. It was created to experiment on cutting edge communications technology and techniques and to promote goodwill and the free exchange of technical knowledge among other Hams throughout the world.

This One day Study Session might just be your on-ramp on this crazy road! Are you going to take it?!?

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